Little horse, I always think you should be a close person to me, just like mommy. What is good for me and what is done for me is unrequited. I think it should be a very important person, but I don't know what words to describe it. ——This is what the pony said to him when he picked me up one day. I remember that day when the stars were shining brightly, because I thought of some past things, very emotional appearance, and I told you when I was laughed at. Actually, even I think it's amazing to meet you so far. In the world, how can there be such a relationship? It's so beautiful that it can't be described. I will accompany me to do all my things. What I'm looking forward to, which has never been expressed, will also be realized one by one. Know a lot of feelings in my mood, even if you talk a lot, you won't be upset. For such a long time, when I think about you, it's all happy. There's no unhappiness. There's the same sense of image only when I was a child. Maybe, from the perspective of outsiders, it should be love. But that's not it, is it? Such a relationship, not met by people, can not say clearly. Because it's different from what we used to look like when we were in love. I know, no one can understand, except the people. Such a warm memory, maybe you are the only one in the world. The kite in March, the whole sky has, but that kind of happiness, always can not easily have. Thank you, little horse! If it wasn't for you, such a deep and emotional feeling, I couldn't realize it. Such a warm person must be the best gift to me.